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hazardous earbuds: The use of wireless earbuds is hazardous to health.

 hazardous earbuds: The use of wireless earbuds is hazardous to health;  It carries the risk of diseases like brain caHealthncer and deafness, know the tips to avoid it

 The waves emitted from the earbuds damage the brain tissue
 Use a speaker to watch videos or listen to audio without compromising health

 The trend of Bluetooth headphones is constantly growing.  There are many types of airpods, earbuds and wireless neckbands available in the market.  Non-Bluetooth headphones are handy and wireless, making life easier, but the radio frequency (RF) radiation emitted from them also harms health.  Excessive use of Bluetooth earbuds can increase the risk of brain cancer, according to research.

 According to research by Jerry Phillips, a professor of biochemistry at The University of Colorado in the United States, Bluetooth or wireless headphones increase the risk of brain cancer.  The waves emitted from the earbuds damage the brain tissue.  It can also cause serious illnesses such as neurological, genetic disorders.  Excessive use of wireless headphones can also impair memory.  Children and pregnant women are at greater risk.

 Why the risk of constant or prolonged use of wireless ebuds?
 In fact Bluetooth connects to a phone or other device using radio frequency (RF) radiation.  Because of this, Bluetooth headphones do not have any cables or wires.  Being wireless makes it easier to talk to small earbuds or listen to a song while walking, exercising, or doing other work.

 The electromagnetic frequency emitted from earbuds does a lot of damage to our body.  Prior to the research, 247 scientists from about 42 countries applied to the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) about the health effects of the electromagnetic field emitted from wireless devices.  Was.

 According to scientists, radiation from small headphones can damage brain tissue.  Prolonged use can also lead to brain cancer.  Small earbuds are inserted inside the ear.  Because of this, the radiation emitted from Bluetooth can be dangerous for both the ears and the brain.

 Dangers of small Bluetooth headphones-
 1. Neurological Disease: According to a report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, constant exposure to direct contact with non-ionizing radiation can lead to brain tissue damage which can lead to neurological diseases.

 2. Brain Cancer: Radiation emitted from earbuds damages brain tissue, and if there is already a tumor in the brain, radiation works to increase it, which also increases the risk of serious diseases such as cancer.

 3. Bad effect on the eardrum: Excessive use of headphones also affects the eardrum.  The sound causes a constant vibration of the eardrums, which can cause the eardrums to rupture.

 4. Hearing loss or deafness: Listening to a song in high volume for a long period of time causes problems like hearing less.  The hearing capacity of our ears is only 90 decibels, which gradually decreases to 40-50 decibels.  Which leads to complaints of deafness.  Too often the sound of the horn is not even heard and we become the victims of an accident.

 5. Risk of infection: Using any other headphones carries the risk of ear infection.  Always use your headphones if you want to avoid infection.  If any other headphones need to be used, clean them thoroughly first.

 6. Tinnitus: This is a condition in which the patient constantly hears a kind of noise in the ear.  Listening to a song in fast volume on earphones increases his apprehension.  According to doctors, listening to a song in fast volume makes the ears sound like ‘chan chan’, causing problems like dizziness.

 7. Headaches: Radiation from wireless earbuds has a bad effect on the brain.  Problems such as headaches or insomnia often occur.

 Earbuds are more dangerous for pregnant women and young children
 Prolonged listening to songs on earbuds or talking for long periods of time during pregnancy is more harmful.  According to some research, the use of gadgets with radiation during pregnancy in mothers and unborn babies
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Maths Puzzle /Maths Koyda Ukel 3

Maths Puzzle /Maths Koyda Ukel 3

Hello friends, you must know about solving puzzles.  Your brain gets tired of solving various math puzzles and in the end you bring the answer to the puzzle .. With practice you will be able to solve it quickly .. This is an excellent exercise to do brain exercises .. So today we have new math puzzles.  Let's practice.

Earlier, health insurance companies had to make infrastructure investments and take the help of various brokers, agents and financial consultants to sell health insurance plans in India. The procedure was arduous and time consuming with reams of paperwork to boot.


Aek Bhai Pase Amuk Sankhya ma Marghi Ane Gheta o chhe. Temna Matha Ganvama aave to 25 Thay chhe,, Ane Pag Ganvama aave to 90 Thay chhe. To Te bhai Pase Ketli Marghi ane Ketla Gheta Hashe ??

However, in today's digital age, buying a health insurance plan is almost as easy as ordering a pizza online. The internet can provide you with a wealth of information regarding various health insurance plans, their features, benefits and also quick and simple tips on how to buy a health insurance plan online.

The process has evolved to become extremely efficient, transparent and cost-effective with minimal paperwork and intermediaries. So, the only question left is, how to apply for health insurance plan in India?

We are going to answer this question with a few steps that are guaranteed to help you select a health insurance plan that suits your needs.


20 Gheta , 5 Marghi

20 Gheta + 5 Marghi = 25 Matha 

20×4 = 80 Pag, 5×2= 10 pag

80+ 10 = 90 Pag.

1. Do Your Research

Most people who are looking to buy a health insurance plan either speak to family and friends or go online to look for the best-rated health insurance providers. There are also many forums on social media where real customers post their experiences regarding their interaction with health insurance companies, service quality, etc. which should give you a fair idea of which health insurance companies you should consider. 

2. Visit The Website

The websites of insurance providers are one of the best sources of information available about health insurance plans in India. All you need to do is take a look at the plan that suits your needs and take notes. After that, you can compare one policy with another to see which ones offer you more comprehensive coverage at a lower premium.

If this gets too confusing, many independent online agencies allow you to compare a plan before you zero in on a policy. Thus, you can access information about all prominent insurance providers and their plans in one place!

Maths Puzzel, Maths Koyda Ukel...for mind game

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Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited Recruitment 2021

Public and private job information (advertisement, notification, call letter, result etc.

Last Date : 24 September 2021

1. Post Name : Chief Manager / Senior Manager (HR & IR) - On Contract
Qualification : MBA (HR) / MHRM / MSW / MLW , full time course from a recognized university / institute.,

2. Post Name : Senior Officer / Officer (Finance) - On Contract
Qualification : B.Com. with CA/ CMA from a recognized university,

3. Post Name : Manager / Senior Officer (HR) - On Contract
Qualification : MBA (HR) / MHRM / MSW / MLW , full time course from a recognized university / institute.,

4. Post Name : Assistant Engineer (Mechanical) - On Contract
Qualification : B.E / B.Tech (Mechanical) from recognized university,

5. Post Name : Executive Trainee (Chemical) - On Contract
Qualification : B.E/ B.Tech (Chemical) from govt recognized university,

6. Post Name : Executive Trainee (Finance) - On Contract
Qualification : B.Com with CA/ CMA from a recognized university,

7. Post Name : Executive Trainee (HR) - On Contract
Qualification : MBA (HR) / MHRM / MSW / MLW , full time course from a recognized university / institute,

8. Post Name : Executive Trainee (Mechanical) - On Contract
Qualification : B.E/ B.Tech (Mechanical) from govt recognized university,

9. Post Name : Executive Trainee (Electrical) - On Contract
Qualification : B.E/ B.Tech (Electrical) from govt recognized university,

10. Post Name : Trainee Operation Assistant [Diploma Engineer (Chemical)]- On Contract
Qualification : Diploma in Chemical Engineering from Govt Recognized University,

General Terms and conditions for all advertised positions :

Recruitment for the advertised positions are for a long term contract
For Executive Trainees, initially all found suitable and competent would be offered a six-year contract. First year will be for on the job training. Upon review of performance of first year, if found satisfactory, the remaining five years of the contract period will be allowed to be complete

For all other positions, the suitable and competent candidate would be offered a 5-year contract
The contract shall be extendable for similar term on same or higher level based upon satisfactory performance and Management’s discretion
Candidates having experience in Heavy Chemicals / Fertilizers / Petrochemicals industries will be given preference.
Candidates should have full time qualification at required level in the respective discipline.
Canvassing in any manner may disqualify the applicant.
The company reserves its right to accept and/or reject the applicant without assigning any reason.
Merely fulfilling the educational qualification does not necessarily entitle applicants to be called for personal interview. Relaxation in age may be given to deserving candidates.
The company reserves its right to transfer / place employees anywhere in India or abroad for all positions.
We do not discriminate on account of Sex, Caste and Religion.

How to Apply : Interested and Eligible Candidates can Apply Online Though Official Website on before 01 September 2021

Job Location : Baroda

Official Notification : Click Here

Apply Online : Click Here

Important Dates :
Application Start From : 14/09/2021
Last Date for Application 26/09/2021
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3030 EKLAVYA - Dimag ki batti jala de !!! A CBSE IITGN Initiative

3030 EKLAVYA - Dimag ki batti jala de !!! A CBSE IITGN Initiative

Free Enrollment : Registrations Start 5th Sep, 2021

View Live every Sunday 4-5 PM On CCL YouTube Channel

For Recordings, homework and certificate , visit : or

Why Eklavya

After the unprecedented success of 3030 STEM (1Cr views, 5L subscribers), CBSE and IIT Gandhinagar are coming together with the Eklavya Series on this Teachers’ Day (5th September).

Implementing the vision set by National Education Policy 2020 might , sometimes, seem intimidating for school teachers and administrators.This is the gap that CBSE and IITGN are trying to fill with Eklavya series: to Demystify NEP and showcase how to effectively implement NEP 2020 across the schools.

Eklavya will contain:

  • Numerous hands-on activities, projects, models which help in conceptual understanding of difficult topics

  • Interesting Questions, Assignments which promote out-of-box creative thinking

  • Inspiring DIY project videos using local material which relate curriculum to life


Live Every Sunday 4-5 PM,

First Episode (26th Sep) : Neeraj Chopra and Newton's Laws of motion

Registration ,Homework and Certification

Go to the program website




FREE(Registration is compulsory)


Participation Certificate for all Modules (Rs 100+tax)
Participation Certificates will be given separately for each episode (one certificate for each episode). You need to pay only once (Rs 100) to be eligible for the Participation Certificates for all the episodes.

Certificate of Competency for whole course (Rs 100+tax)
Course Completion Certificate or Certificate of Competency will be given for the whole Eklavya course at the end. This certificate will be considered equivalent to 30 hrs of training or professional development.


Youtube channel to subscribe

Telegram Channel and Group

Telegram Channel
Telegram Group

    About the instructor

    Prof. Manish Jain (Associate Teaching Professor, IIT Gandhinagar) and CCL IIT Gandhinagar team

    CCL Faculty-Gaurav Kumar Yadav, Jay Thakkar, Ashutosh, Dr Sarita Yadav, Tapas Hira, Jyoti Gupta, Adithi Iyer, Satish Singh, Akash Umaraliya, Dinesh Rathod, Pankaj Godara,Arvind Gupta 

    IISER Pune, Team: Ashok Rupner, Neeraja Dashaputre, Chaitanya Mungi, Shraddha Bhurkunde

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    Include a pinch of black pepper in the diet to reduce weight and reduce wrinkles

    Include a pinch of black pepper in the diet to reduce weight and reduce wrinkles

    • You can drink turmeric and black pepper in milk to increase your ability to fight disease.
    • You can eat it by adding crushed black pepper powder on salads and fried potato chips.

    Black pepper is used to enhance the flavor of risotto and vegetables. But it not only enhances the taste but also keeps the health good. Involving it in eating can eliminate many problems.

    Turmeric and black pepper can be drunk by dipping it in milk. This milk is given to patients with severe colds. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and carotenoids, which help fight diseases.

    In the coronal period it needs to be included in the diet to increase the body's ability to fight disease. Dietitian Dr. Columbia Asia Hospital, Ghaziabad. Aditi Sharma explains, its benefits and how to use it

    Eating it by chewing improves digestion

    Black pepper improves the digestive system. Hydrochloric acid comes out of the stomach when we eat it with a fork and it helps break down proteins. Hydrochloric acid cleanses the intestines and protects the intestines from other diseases. Be sure to include a pinch of pepper in your daily diet.

    Relieve constipation

    Adding a few peppers daily to the meal relieves constipation. Eating pepper daily provides relief from colon cancer, constipation and bacterial related diseases. Pepper should also not be overused. A pinch of rock is enough for the body.

    Reduces wrinkles

    It helps in relieving skin problems and knowing the original color of the skin. Wrinkles and skin problems can be reduced if you use pepper from an early age. It also prevents black spots.....

    Useful in weight loss

    Mix a pinch of pepper in green tea and drink it two to three times a day. It breaks down excess fat. Improves the body's metabolism.

    How to use?

    You can also add pepper powder with a teaspoon of salt in the salad. Eat fried potatoes or chips with a pinch of pepper powder.

    When you make any soup, add a little pepper to enhance its taste. This will give you relief from the cold and also increase the taste.

    important link::


    અહીંથી વાચો ગુજરાતી રિપોર્ટ

    મરીનો સાદોઉપાય મટાડશે શરદી- સળેખમ- કફ

    આંખ ની તકલીફના ઉપચાર અહીંથી વાંચો


    Add pepper to the fried rice to enhance the flavor.

    Fresh pepper powder can be added to anything. Pepper powder can also be used in salads, soups, pasta and buttermilk.

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    The Examination Pati Paranam Patrako Banavavano Dor Share Thay Chhe The computer has been unable to compose a result of the computer and its technology. I would like to see the results for the excel file Ma 1. Results were changed to Badh Jaya Sarvala – Calculation One Click Me To Go. Results 1 to 8 of about 8 months for the Excel spreadsheet.Primary School Parinam Petrak Std 1 to 8, SCE Mulyankan Patrako – GCERT A To F SCE Mulyankan Patrako, SCE Mulyankan Patrako, GCERT A To F SCE Mulyankan Patrako, SCE Mulyankan Patrako A to f, GCERT A To F SCE Mulyankan Patrako pdf, Download GCERT SCE Evaluation Format A to F, Download GCERT SCE 

    Plato established the Academy in Athens, the primary organization of higher learning in Europe.[3] The city of Alexandria in Egypt, set up in 330 BCE, turned into the replacement to Athens as the scholarly support of Ancient Greece. There, the incomparable Library of Alexandria was implicit the third century BCE. European civic establishments experienced a breakdown of proficiency and association following the fall of Rome in CE 476.[4] 

    In China, Confucius (551–479 BCE), of the State of Lu, was the country's most powerful antiquated logician, whose instructive viewpoint keeps on affecting the social orders of China and neighbors like Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. Confucius assembled trains and looked to no end for a ruler who might embrace his standards for great administration, yet his Analects were recorded by adherents and have kept on impacting instruction in East Asia into the cutting edge era.[5] 

    The Aztecs likewise had a very much evolved hypothesis about instruction, which has an identical word in Nahuatl called tlacahuapahualiztli. It signifies "the specialty of raising or instructing a person",[6] or "the craft of fortifying or raising men".[7] This was a wide conceptualization of training, which endorsed that it starts at home, upheld by formal tutoring, and built up by local area living. History specialists refer to that conventional instruction was obligatory for everybody paying little heed to social class and gender.[8] There was additionally the word neixtlamachiliztli, which is "the demonstration of offering astuteness to the face."[7] These ideas highlight a complicated arrangement of instructive practices, which was situated towards imparting to the cutting edge the experience and scholarly legacy of the past with the end goal of individual turn of events and his combination into the community










    After the Fall of Rome, the Catholic Church turned into the sole preserver of proficient grant in Western Europe.[9] The congregation set up house of God schools in the Early Middle Ages as focuses of high level training. A portion of these foundations at last developed into archaic colleges and ancestors of a significant number of Europe's cutting edge universities.

    Important Links:

    Pragati Patrak A

    Pragati Patrak B

    Pragati Patrak C

    Pragati Patrak D-1

    Pragati Patrak D-2

    Pragati Patrak D-3

    Pragati Patrak D-4

    Pragati Patrak E

    Pragati Patrak F

    Curriculum Material Development & Evaluation (CMDE), Educational Technology (ET), In-service Field interaction Innovation & Co-ordination (IFIC) and Planning & Management PM functioning in these DIETs.
    These DIETs are well equipped with qualified and experienced academic and administrative staff.



    ધોરણ 3 ની અધ્યયન નિશ્પતિ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

    ધોરણ 4 ની અધ્યયન નિશ્પતિ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

    ધોરણ 5 ની અધ્યયન નિશ્પતિ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

    ધોરણ 6 ની અધ્યયન નિશ્પતિ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

    ધોરણ 7 ની અધ્યયન નિશ્પતિ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

    ધોરણ 8 ની અધ્યયન નિશ્પતિ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો


    ધોરણ 3 ની અધ્યયન નિશ્પતિ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

    ધોરણ 4 ની અધ્યયન નિશ્પતિ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

    ધોરણ 5 ની અધ્યયન નિશ્પતિ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

    ધોરણ 6 ની અધ્યયન નિશ્પતિ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

    ધોરણ 7 ની અધ્યયન નિશ્પતિ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

    ધોરણ 8 ની અધ્યયન નિશ્પતિ માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો


    [4] During the High Middle Ages, Chartres Cathedral worked the renowned and persuasive Chartres Cathedral School. The archaic colleges of Western Christendom were very much incorporated across all of Western Europe, energized opportunity of request, and delivered an extraordinary assortment of fine researchers and normal savants, including Thomas Aquinas of the University of Naples, Robert Grosseteste of the University of Oxford, an early teacher of a deliberate technique for logical experimentation,[10] and Saint Albert the Great, a pioneer of organic field research.[11] Founded in 1088, the University of Bologne is viewed as the first, and the most established consistently working university.[

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    JOBS Find By – Kormo Jobs by Google : Find jobs & grow your career on Google Play Store

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    Google has launched a special service to assist the unemployed in times of drought. Google has launched job search app Cormo Jobs. this may allow people to look for jobs online.

    Google’s Cormo Jobs is out there on the Google Play Store. From where this will be downloaded. On this app, any user can register on this consistent with their skill. this may give them the choice of jobs consistent with their skill. consistent with Google, along side jobs, people connected with business also will be found on the app. There are currently quite 2 million verified jobs available on the Cormo Jobs app.
    Notably, Google has previously partnered with variety of job portals to seek out jobs in its program , including job portals like Headhonchos, LinkedIn, IBM Talent Management Solutions, Freshersworld, Quezx and Shine. Google’s Cormo Jobs will now directly compete with LinkedIn.
    The Kormo Jobs app from Google helps you discover entry-level jobs with a guided experience through to job interviews. you’ll get personalized job recommendations from verified employers supported your interests, qualifications and site . you’ll create and download a free digital resume/CV. you’ll even apply directly and schedule interviews with just a couple of taps. It only takes a couple of minutes to start out your profile


    Fresh jobs from verified employers
    1. Real time tracking & fast updates on job applications
    2. Easy interview scheduling directly through the app
    3. Free digital resume that’s yours to stay
    4. New skilling content to assist you learn and earn more

    Kormo Jobs focuses on Retail, Logistics, Hospitality and Services and offers jobs like retail sales associate, delivery and warehouse operations, and customer service representative.
    The Kormo Jobs app from Google helps you discover entry-level jobs with a guided experience through to job interviews. you’ll get personalized job recommendations from verified employers supported your interests, qualifications and site . you’ll create and download a free digital resume.
    Download Kormo Jobs By Google app on Google Play Store
    Work From Home Jobs In Ahmedabad, Data Entry Work At Home In Gujarat, Gujarat Government Data Entry Work From Home , Government Work From Home Jobs In Ahmedabad, Online Job Gujarati, Online Jobs In Gujrat.

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    Shabd Saurabh Book : Gujarati Vanchan Lekhan Book Pdf

    Shabd Saurabh Book : Gujarati Vanchan Lekhan Book Pdf

    Vanchan Lekhan Mulyakan PDF, उपचारात्मक शिक्षण pdf Here is very useful उपचारात्मक शिक्षण PDF File For Upcharatmk Work. Useful For Mission Vidhya Guajrat. उपचारात्मक शिक्षण pdf, Upacharatm useful PDF, Vanchan PDF, Vanchan Lekhan PDF, Ganan PDF, Vanchan Lekhan Ganan PDF, Vagale PDF File, Mission Vidhya PDF, Vidhya Misson PDF, Ganit Practice Book,Prey Student, Vagale PDF, Gujarati Vanchan Lekhan PDF File, This File Created by Rajeshkumar Patel Teacher Navapura Prathmik Shala Ta. Khambhat District Anand.

    Shabd Saurabh Book : Gujarati Vanchan Lekhan Book Pdf
    Gujarati Vanchan Lekhan Book Pdf | Gujarati Vanchan Book Pdf | Gujarati Lekhan Book Pdf | Gujarati Vanchan Lekhan Book | Gujarati Vanchan Book | Gujarati Lekhan Book | Download Gujarati Vanchan Lekhan Book Pdf | Download Gujarati Vanchan Book Pdf | Download Gujarati Lekhan Book Pdf 


    Shabd Saurabh Book : Gujarati Vanchan Lekhan Book Pdf

    Remedial education also known as developmental education, basic skills education, compensatory education, preparatory education, and academic upgrading) is assigned to assist students in order to achieve expected competencies in core academic skills such as literacy and numeracy.Whereas special education is designed specifically for students with special needs, remedial education can be designed for any students, with or without special needs; the defining trait is simply that they have reached a point of underpreparedness, regardless of why. For example, even people of high intelligence can be underprepared if their education was disrupted, for example, by internal displacement during civil disorder or a war.

    Je vidhyarthio vanchan,lekhanan ane ganan ma takalif pade chhe. Teva balako mate ahi vividh pagala apaela chhe.A pagla na abhyas thi vidhyarthio vanchan, lekhan ane ganan ma PRECTICE kari shakashe. Ahi angreji ane Gujarati banne bhasha na abhyas mate pagla svadupe pdf file aapel chhe.

    Book Name: Shabd Saurabh Book 

    Subject: Gujarati Vanchan Lekhan Book

    File Created by Rajeshkumar Patel 

    Teacher Navapura Prathmik Shala 

    Ta. Khambhat District Anand.


    Gujarati Vanchan Lekhan Book Pdf
    They push all the students to do their best. They make learning process very interesting as well as creative. Teachers try their best to bring all the students on the right track by motivation them positively towards study. Good teachers leave good impression over their students.Stay Connected For Daily Updates About Education And Study Materials For All Compititive Exam And Also Updates About Government Jobs Notification And Full Details.
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    NTSE Exam 2021 Notification Decalred

    Gujarat NTSE 2021: The Gujarat National Talent Search Examination is planning to conduct the Gujarat NTSE 2021 stage 2 on online mode and the Gujarat NTSE 2021 exam is conducted every year for admission into various course. The Gujarat NTSE 2021 application form released on the official website and candidates can check for the exam details on the official website. Follow Fresherslive to get the latest and upcoming Gujarat NTSE 2021.

    Gujarat NTSE Eligibility Criteria

    Steps to Fill NTSE Gujarat Application Form
    • Visit the official website of GSEB, i.e., State Examination Board-Gandhinagar Home Page.
    • Select the option "Apply Online" and choose the application for "NTSE."
    • Enter the required credential in the login window.
    • Upload the recent photograph in .jpg format (the picture should not exceed 20kb).
    • Click on 'Confirm Application.
    • Select the payment method for NTSE Gujarat 2021.
    • Print application card/challan from a dialogue box titled "Print Application Form/Challan".

    NTSE 2021 is Exam Preparation app which contains Mock Test with All India Rank, Previous Year Paper, Chapterwise Notes, Chapterwise MCQs Test etc.
    This app is strictly designed on the latest pattern and syllabus of NTSE.
    A tremendous amount of analysis and research effort has gone in this app to make one stop solution for NTSE aspirants.
    There are now 28 chapters in the mental Ability section (MAT).
    Scholastic Aptitude section (SAT) has been divided into 9 parts – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, history, Geography, Civics and economics.
    All content are FREE OF COST.
    App can be used in OFFLINE mode also once content is downloaded.

    Salient Features of the NTSE App:

    • Mock Test with All India Rank and detailed solutions
    • 10,000 + Chapterwise MCQs Test with detailed solutions and All India Rank
    • Chapterwise Notes of All Subjects
    • Every chapter is provided with short and crisp theory which helps you to recap the chapter quickly before attempting the questions.
    • Imporatnt Information about the Exam
    • Get Notification about the Exam
    • You can use it in OFFLINE mode once content is downloaded


    • Notification Date : 17-9-2021
    • Online Form start Date : 29-9-2021
    • Last Date for Online form : 22-10-2021
    • Exam Date : 16-01-2022
    સંપૂર્ણ વિગતો માટે નોટીફીકેશન અહિંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો
    વીડિયો અહીંથી જુઓ

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    Wednesday, 22 September 2021


    Live English learning, English speaking, Penguin Readers, Upskill Assessment

    Learning English is all about practicing to speak confidently and fluently.

    The enguru Live English Learning app helps you improve your spoken and written English through online live classes with expert teachers, special reader versions of bestselling novels, and a free self-learning course. Now you can also prove your level of English for potential employers with a certificate of global leader in English language tests, Cambridge Upskill.

    With PalFish, kids can browse countless well-known picture books and enjoy screen time with knowledge and fun.

    Practice English over video chat with a native speaker!

    • Live English Classes with English Speaking Practice: Our live classes are led by Cambridge qualified teachers and are filled with speaking activities where you get to practice English speaking.

    • Your first day of live classes is completely FREE– take as many classes as you like in your free plan. 
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    We resolved all these issues by developing a speaking partner with many functionalities. Most important ones are -
    1. A super-intelligent VoiceBot speaker that will be available on your phone 24/7 to practice and learn, which will make learning fun and will help in improving your vocabulary efficiently.
    2. She can speak, she can listen, she can understand you, she will applaud for you when you are correct and most importantly, she will correct your pronunciations whenever you will make one while practicing, in a non-intrusive manner and she won't judge you ever on your knowledge.

    Personalized material for each user - She will communicate with you as if you are having a conversation with your friend on topics starting from your daily needs to your interview needs.

    You just need to practice with our Speaker and you gradually learn to converse. You need not worry about Grammar.

    By simply listening and practicing, one can improve their knowledge of vocabulary and sentence formation and can have super easy access to these lessons anytime and anywhere even if your phone is in offline mode.

    Don't memorize anything - Comes with Audio-Visuals so that you don't have to memorize anything on a daily basis.

    Instant results/feedback that will help you in the improvement of your vocabulary with pronunciation skills.

    The app itself makes your efficiency certain about your learning by tracking your progress as you practice. The level of difficulty will increase with your progress over time and it will help you increase your communication and pronunciation.

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