Blue Ember Microphone Review: Versatility For Little Money

Microphones are a story that is really complicated. After I myself purchased a mic and faced a challenging choice to purchase something not and worthy overpay? My jobs were as follows: recording a voice for expressing a variety of movies (yes, I am burry, but I am none of those that intervene ), in addition to recording an acoustic guitar.At the moment I picked Rode NT1-A. This is a mic that is fantastic: it's fair. A place played with his favor, in addition to a cost you can purchase for 15-16 million but you need something worthy?

Flour of choice

Purchasing a mike, you hazard climbing to a profound abyss: frequency response, frequency range, sensitivity... And you then move to YouTube, flip on the demonstration and do not know anything. National"Octave"? Time-tested Shure that is lively? Perhaps a little things like MXL? And at a cohort of microphones, his leg will be broken by the devil.

I myself came across a story. Therefore, if you're in exactly the exact same scenario I know you. And I am afraid I will confuse you even more since the men from Blue Microphones Russia gave us microphones for inspection: Yeti Nano, Spark SL and Blue Ember. The text concerning Spark SL is going to be published in a week and a half an hour, and we'll chat about Blue Yeti at a story - we determined it fits perfectly.

Generally, you start to get confused about everything and examine the variety. And you find stupor and the purchase price: it is hard to find up something worthy .And Yeti Ember seems. Its cost from Russia is nine million rubles. And this is a mic that is fantastic.On the listing the space can be obviously heard by you, but I am surprised it is hard to hear a pc that is loud.Here are the demos introduced by Blue itself if you bother.

I didn't anticipate a mic for this type of cash can capture audio . I anticipated that its frequency response could be irregular, restricted at the very best at 16 kHz. But no. The mic records. Our coworkers have it, although It's a shame I do not have the equipment to measure its frequency response. Here Is What the men at SoundGuys state :

According to her, there aren't any obvious kinks at particular frequencies, and also the bundle warns the inability of this mic to capture everything. If you won't wonder where the hum came out, trying to recall if the truck drove past the home at the moment or not and that is normal.

You and I can argue about the frequencies. I agree, it is far better to have the ability to cut at frequencies that are than not. But if you set guitar or a voice, then you don't need frequencies. However, if you're going to shoot at audio from cupboard or a combo, which you perform on a bass guitar's sixth or fifth series using down the system, then I suggest looking at the direction of microphones. However, this is a narrative that is different.

The majority of the box is a foam seal. The mike, such as the box, may fool you a bit, offering to create sounds. No. The emblem must does it. Incidentally, the education printed in the box evidences this. You Won't miss her:

What do you want besides a mike?

When considering purchasing this mike, you have to recognize since this isn't a solution, that you can't link it to a pc.The alternative is a card. Because this is a condenser mic, in which the diaphragm begins to operate under the sway of present, we are in need of a card with the capability to employ phantom power, typically indicated by the"Ghost + 48V" button. In most modern cards, where is a mike input like XLR, this electricity is present.

XLR connector

There's not any cord in the kit, which means you have to purchase or solder it yourself. And if you're likely to set a voice onto a mike, then I would suggest buying a pop filter that protects the diaphragm in the effects of volatile letters such as"de" and"b".

Here is actually the The Pop pop filter. The choice of pop filter Is Dependent upon the stand, rather than on the Mike, although the photograph was shot for the text regarding Blue Spark SL
And, clearly, the stand. The exact same need to attach a mic.


Blue Ember does an superb job recording guitar. The voice seems a bit dry, but it is good - it is possible to use this particular recording, there aren't any moves here. Colors could be anticipated . But let us be fair: that is not what they're searching for in microphones for 2 thousand rubles.This really is a mic that is universal. It's ideal for demo recordings in your home. It could show up in the framework - the look this is not a shame. The major issue is to prepare the area.

Incidentally, at the Blue Microphones Russia group about the VKontakte social media, just another draw of their organization's new solution, the Yeti Nano USB mic, is now held. You'll win it, although We'll discuss it in one of the texts that are following!