Work Option: AKG N200 Wireless Review.

The market can provide every user something. By way of instance, I enjoy a good deal of alternatives that are wired - I am an adherent of the arrangement of cans. So I was amazed once the AKG N200 Wireless was in my desk to raise my eyebrow. Alright, let us try, I believed.

Box and gear

The box's look isn't remarkable. It's normal.But you focus on how this box is a casing. And then the fun starts.I enjoy this package very far, although I really don't know about you: implementation that is glossy works to its benefit. With a small effort you look and start at the decoration in the interior. Here, their very best tried.

My sample cans is black. Mild - somewhat less than 16 g are weighed by that the structure. However, the simple fact it is micro-USB is disagreeable. It's time to forget about the normal and replace it with the newest .The cans themselves' cable is cloth. Wonderful stuff, but they will begin to rub without adhering them on your ears should you wear earphones round your neck for quite a very long time.

Cups with magnets of cans. Suitable: aren't fearful they will be lost and took the headphones off. The issue isn't to neglect to magnetize. However, there are downsides to the matter does if the cups are linked songs continue to play with? I'd enjoy more intellect to those"ears".

And here are the downsides: the cable is pulled by the mic. He was fixed by me. Additionally the closed doesn't hold. It infuriates! I'd love to rip off it, as, in reality, it doesn't meet its undertaking, but only sticks out. Along with the design of a layout, or the controller itself raises questions: Can it be a union, breakdown?

What do they guarantee?

The indicator of wireless headphones' job is that the time. They maintain around 8 hours. Someplace and functioned.Ten minutes of charging must be sufficient for a single hour of listening to audio, although I didn't test.This AKG N200 Wireless' audio has the following amounts: 20 Hz - 20 kHz - sensitivity, 16 Ohms - 116dB. There's support for AAC and aptX. Bluetooth this is a classic version 4.1.


Listening to songs is only possible on the street. I have it into the subway I pleasure my pedometer for 15 minutes, then I stand at the car for the identical volume. And the cans do just fine.Since there is passive one the automobiles of the subway line are far from the most noisy, therefore you don't focus on the lack of sound reduction.

In terms of the noise, you don't pay attention. Headphones seem frills. The mixture is ​​tight kinks. Then this is a superb alternative for you, Should you want to listen to songs, but to not listen to it: you can listen to everything on the road, and in the subway.Then I'd say that I am not shirts if you search for something to whine about, and the spectacle may be a bit wider. The first is fixed by the equalizer, and the next is that the usual"tender" for plugs and inserts.

Don't expect bass. Balthazar's Fever record sounds fantastic here. The benefit of this particular record is their bass player employs short-bass bassguitar, and its own frequency"center" is situated higher than that of a normal bass guitar.Incidentally, listen, a fantastic album. We need to get into the concert in September.However, some electronic equipment, in which the subwoofers that shakes, won't seem as rich as we'd like. With that type of bass, I've got a demonstration By way of instance, and I am considering replacing it - .


This AKG N200 Wireless' issue is your cost. They are sometimes located in retail for 10-11 million rubles. And here are both disadvantages and benefits, the largest of which I noticed for myself is a control panel that is awful: wonder it ought to be or if it's broken and I don't like to receive the device.

I know these cans are acceptable for: you visit tens of thousands of people daily at the subway, on buses or on the road. Headphones are inserted in their ears, the noise of. These cans muffle information sound that is ambient the listener likes. Hence that the AKG N200 Wireless is very good for these folks.On the flip side, these folks do not read testimonials. And are they prepared to invest ten million rubles on a dummy from sound? I am not sure.