Meizu EP63 NC Review: Enjoy Music In Silence. PRATHMIK GURU: Meizu EP63 NC Review: Enjoy Music In Silence.



Monday 20 April 2020

Meizu EP63 NC Review: Enjoy Music In Silence.

I will begin the text together with recognition and state that I don't really like large over-ear headset. The main reason is straightforward: in summer it's hot with them, and in winter they don't hide beneath a hat, so you need to wear them straight within the headgear.

A lot more suitable in this respect are little earplugs: all that remains is to pick out a suitable model. On the road you can frequently meet folks with Meizu EP51 or even EP52, and today, I believe, the Meizu EP63 NC is going to be a bestseller.All these are lightweight headphones with great sound and superior runtimes, and also with active sound reduction. All at once is not it a fantasy?


The box is strong. Inside, as well as the cans themselves, you will find interchangeable nozzles of various dimensions, and we get a micro-USB cable. It is bothersome that Meizu has not changed to charging via USB Type-C this year, a peculiar thing.For keeping headphones, an rubber instance is attached, I disliked it. I wouldn't use it allthe cables cling and get confused, so it's inconvenient to remove in the light.

Form and Direction
No longer red cables and silver scenarios, today everything is devised in neutral black. Headphones appear small, it's hard to recognize this can be Meizu's invention: the title of the producer is stamped on the situation, but a very sharp eye will detect black letters on a dark backdrop.

Headphones weigh a bit, they're lightweight and are not sensed on the throat. The headset casing is constructed from rubberized vinyl - a wonderful substance, higher quality.It is a shame that the choice familiar in the older Meizu cans disappeared: a single earphone was magnetized to a different if you take it from your ear, and also the audio pauses. There isn't any such trifle.

The mic is located on the ideal earphone, through a dialog it hangs in the front of the mouth. He dismisses street sound, but with trouble, therefore for extended conversations it's still far better to select quieter places in order to not torment the interlocutors.All buttons are located on the right the volume buttons are somewhat smaller. However, Siri doesn't react to it and doesn't react, but using the Google helper what's in order.They're flat, it is hard to feel what to do together in winter, once the chilly, gloves and don't wish to freeze your palms - a significant question. As I know it, no way: you need to remove the gloves and also suspend just a bit.

A function that is convenient, for example simultaneous connection to two apparatus, also functions. It's possible to take turns listening to songs from the other.I can not say yet if the cans are going to be from the official Russian marketplace: a version has came for us to the Chinese industry. Consequently, you have to get accustomed to the fact that if you flip on the cans, something humorous the girl says in Chinese. I am hoping these will be the wishes of good fortune and prosperity to this purchaser.

Additionally, by double-clicking, you can adjust the sound reduction, attaining the most impact, or decreasing it, then the ambient noises will be noticed. In principle, it is possible to speak to people straight in the cans, but this isn't too polite.And whether or not it strikes blue, then it means it's turned off. Rather than Meizu, I'd put a diode on the interior of the headphone casing in order others wouldn't be perplexed by the mild sign as you walk across the road together.

I enjoyed the job of this squelch: with cans it's quite comfy in the area, it is possible to get on your own and focus on work. Discussing, knocking the computer keyboard, creaking floorboards, or anything else could be bothersome won't interfere. From the subway, also, the machine functions . Obviously, rely on complete silence isn't worthwhile, miracles don't occur.


If you remember the older Meizu EP52 version, then these cans played , to my great pleasure, the Meizu EP63 NC seem better.But if you hear the instrumental components, then it turns into somewhat sad: the cans give out a level noise and the beauty of the audio is missing.

Moisture protection

Headphones aren't terrified of instruction, where you'll sweat your finest, and rain doesn't frighten them. Swimming, of course, is hopeless in them, entirely different devices are meant for this.


According to the producer, the cans continue 11 hours, I got about 9 hours after listening at 70--80 percent of their maximum quantity. I believe it is likely to acquire the figures that are declared too, if you reduce the volume.A fast charge option can also be supplied: 15 minutes in the socket is sufficient for 3 hours of surgery.

By way of instance, while viewing a movie, you won't feel a small desync between the audio and the image. Additionally, you have to charge such cans less frequently - they operate more and there's absolutely no need to take a charging situation with you.But, fully wireless headphones have their particular strengths: they are more stylish and lovely, you do not need to feel that the cable around your neck. Although to the charge of Meizu I will say he doesn't rub, the cans are extremely mild and you immediately get accustomed to them.

Active noise canceling cans of the format are a few. I've been using Sony WI-1000X cans for at least a year as the primary supply of high quality audio. The cans are great, however you should not compare them directly with Meizu: Sony is a great deal more pricey, but the noise from Japanese cans is much more intriguing.I enjoyed the cans in most respects: they're comfy, cheap, seem great, live on a single charge for quite a while, and moreover muffle bothersome sounds. This finishes the text, Meizu EP63 NC may and ought to be safely removed.