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Meizu POP or Xiaomi AirDots: which Bluetooth headphones are better.

Wireless headphones are great, but which ones are better? I took Xiaomi AirDots Bluetooth plugs and Meizu POP for five million rubles. They are very similar to one another in appearance and characteristicsreviews are published on the website, and now it is time.

Which headphones are suitable
I enjoyed Meizu POP longer: they don't fall out and sit in the ears, they're comfortable and mild, they are not sensed during usage. Xiaomi AirDots, incidentally, are lightweight, they sit at the ears somewhat bigger, although somewhat differently. They're more convenient on landing Meizu I enjoyed more. But this is a issue before you try on, attempt and make your pick.

Concerning layout, Meizu POP is a bit more intriguing on account of the shiny more"pricey" layout, and Xiaomi AirDots seem simpler and cheaper.

Which situation is better
Then Xiaomi AirDots is matte In case Meizu POP case is made from plastic that is glistening. Feels like I enjoyed the situation that is mezushny it is pleasant. While the Xiaomi situation is challenging to scratch keys inside your pocket but at precisely the exact same period, the gloss will be scraped.

However, the Meizu instance is bigger and a lot larger, you can not conceal it. However, you are able to cram, although Xiaomi headphones with difficulty.The cans sit magnets hold them. The cans don't drop out in the event that you shake it and open the lid.

And one thing. As a result of this indicators on the situation for Meizu POP, you are able to determine what is happening with the remainder of the fee: you will find just four diodes, every marks 25 percent of this fee.

However, it lights up when charging the circumstance, and Xiaomi has just 1 index, and this isn't too convenient.

You meet on clothing, and the packaging of Xiaomi is made from cardboard. Proceed. The set, in principle, is exactly the same: a cable for charging, ear pads, a circumstance. However, Meizu offers a pair of large nozzles for a fit of their cans.

I am not a huge fan of talking on cans, I like to speak in the phone's mic in order not to torment people with sounds that are surrounding. Noise reduction functions so-so. In Xiaomi and Meizu's instance, I didn't enjoy speaking on the road: people complained about din and noise. Obviously, From the area, everything isn't too bad, along with the cans become a headset.

Where greater audio
By this, I suggest that we've become jumped on this issue of quality that is audio, preferring headset. He proceeded and stuck it, along with the backdrop is only created by the music. It is far better to look in the management of versions, also Meizu and Xiaomi are about freedom from cables, rather than about sound.

Everybody has a hearing that is different, so I'll share my own feelings. While Xiaomi has quite a bright sharp centre, the sound image of meizu is balanced. Nevertheless, Xiaomi pushes the ears intrusively, although the frequencies on Meizu sound poorer, the bass isn't too strong. All these are headphones without frills: there's not any support for your aptX codec, so everything is really easy.

The quantity margin is big: I attached the XR and the cans, it's already unpleasant to hear over 60-70% of maximum strength, and you're able to go deaf.

Link quality
If Meizu join via Bluetooth 4.2, subsequently Xiaomi has more contemporary Bluetooth 5.0. Concerning communications equilibrium, I enjoyed Xiaomi more. On Meizu, you'll find sometimes"gags" if you move and listen to music, and the audio is interrupted for an instant. On Xiaomi, this occurs much less frequently. However, there's another difficulty: you take the headphones in the instance, place it in one and at another not out.

That can be a earpiece that is buggy, and you need to reconnect. Generally, or well they do not cling to the telephone link to them and you want to begin the menu. And yet another subtlety: it's far better to add the earphone then the one that is left. The perfect one plays the use of a"pioneer", and the left is a"servant" in this particular pair, so, failures are occasionally possible.

But if you conceal the Meizu earphone for recharging at the case the left one doesn't operate without it. Xiaomi doesn't possess a attribute that is strange. The likelihood you will utilize 1 earphone is little, but you will never know!

You'll sense that the desync of sound and video Should you see movies on YouTube. The delay is minimal, but noticeable, this result is located on Meizu and Xiaomi. However, here it depends upon the source device: there's not any difficulty on smartphones using Bluetooth 5.0, but on older versions it happens.

When there are no buttons on the circumstance, The way to control headphones? With gestures! The method is controlled by tapping on on the instance. You can switch pause and tracks, in addition to alter the quantity. To reduce the quantity, hold your finger over also to raise it, and also the earphone, do exactly the same with the one that is perfect. Three to the left, and two taps on the earphone move to the path - return to the preceding one.

The gesture service of xiaomi is a lot easier. But tunes can't be changed, nor will the quantity increase or reduce. You have to go to a own pocket behind the telephone to try it. Inconveniently! Oh yes by double-tapping the casing, you can start the voice helper. However, Meizu POP can perform exactly the same. Alternately, on Xiaomi, should you use the cans it is possible to give directions to command the audio. However, this is a situation imagine how it might seem at rush hour.

In addition controls will be heard by you ! Do not be concerned, this is a characteristic of these cans. Why don't you include language support as Meizu did or restrict yourself to a type of squeak? However, you can find Chinese.

Working hours
Xiaomi appeared not than meizu headphones. To control the situation here utilizes a USB course that is contemporary. However, Xiaomi, for some reason, has an, why?! That is odd, although the job, as they say, isn't affected.

The Meizu charging instance could be placed onto a Qi-stand that is wireless and billed this manner! Xiaomi doesn't have this kind of opportunity, use a cable.

Xiaomi AirDots don't operate long and require hours for 3-3.5 listening to audio at 60-70percent of maximum quantity. A instance that is charged continues for 3 recharges.

Meizu POP functions somewhat longer: 3.5-4 hours, along with the pay will cost them four occasions.

How much are
Headphones Xiaomi AirDots at Moscow price about 5,000 rubles. They request exactly the exact same sum for Meizu POP, the instance when Xiaomi doesn't beat on a rival.

Xiaomi goods are very, if not perfect concerning quality and cost surely a good illustration of things could be produced. However, with Xiaomi AirDots' instance, I could say that now the Chinese have demonstrated that the reverse. And in this scenario, picking between Xiaomi AirDots and Meizu POP, I vote to get the very first with both hands on. Better audio, more considerate management, more and more secure performance.

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