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Opposition to the decision to close schools Rajula, 
 The Education Department has strongly opposed the order to close 14 primary schools in Amreli district and merge them with a nearby school and a demand has been raised to withdraw this decision.  It is difficult to update the students, even in the villages there are not enough bus facilities. It is difficult to update the students up to the nearest school in Amreli taluka.  Rain, sunshine, Govindpara of the taluka, Babra Thandi. Students will go from one village to another to study Bhila and Kuvargarh villages of the taluka.  New Pipariya of Bagasara taluka, Rupavav of Rajula taluka, facilities are not available for buses in the villages.  In the past, Visva-Bharati government of Jafrabad taluka also provided primary school for 10 students and Mota Sakaria Pvt.  Schools were started as well as salt school, Agaria Ganeshgarh Primary School baking salt in Agaro of Savarkundla taluka, also for the boys of Dhari taluka brothers by bus Charkha Champraj, or Nalpara, |  Kotda, Chanchai Pvt.  14 including school |  How many primary schools are there at the moment when it is being done ?.  It is not appropriate to close schools in Bagasara taluka due to low number of students.  A letter has been written to the Chief Secretary and Education Department of Khijariya Primary School of the state and an order has been given in a letter to the youth leader of Rajula to close the classes of 8.  The decision calls for immediate withdrawal of primary school students.

The High Court will issue the necessary order on the issue of private school fees: The government will go to the High Court again to reduce the fees as there is no agreement with the school administrators on the issue of fees and the attitude of not waiving other fees.  Amid the Corona epidemic, the government has filed a writ petition against the fees of private schools, saying, "Since then, the 30th case has reached the High Court again.  Another meeting with school administrators was held again in August, but the government did not come up with a reasonable explanation.  In which the school federation got the same reply as before and now the government has again knocked on the door of the high court.  The schools said that the government would reconsider the issue of fees to the parents who have faced financial difficulties in Corona and asked for a practical explanation as there was no waiver of 10 to 100 per cent in the fees.  The state government is not able to pass any resolution on Corona.  So now that there is no explanation in the High Court itself, the state government will again issue any necessary orders on the whole issue in the High Court until the schools are reopened directly due to the situation.  This case has been settled.  Until a petition is filed in the High Court on behalf of the state government, a 5 per cent waiver in tuition fees and other types of hearings are likely to be heard before the High Court in the coming days.  It has been submitted that, “Namdar had proposed a complete waiver in the fees of the High Court.  The president of the Federation of Self-Financed Schools and others were in the petition challenging the state government's resolution that neither the state education minister nor the schools would refuse to accept the proposal if the private schools are not run directly.  The Gujarat Board of Trustees has also written a letter to the Chief Justice of the High Court Vikram Nath and Justice J.B.  He had a meeting with the office bearers on 15th August.  Pardiwala has issued an extended order demanding reduction in school fees during the closure of private schools and demanded that the school administrators provide tuition to the schools due to the current situation in Corona.  As there was no explanation in this situation, the Mandal and the state government had to simultaneously reduce the big mind and brain fee by 5 per cent and not charge any other fee.  However, the federation said it could not resolve the issue anew.  So now the High Court ordered.  But a case-to-case assessment of the financial situation of parents between the government and school administrators makes the appropriate order on the issue of private school fees.

 Central Government will only mention prohibited activity.  The rest of the activity could start from September 1st.  Bars, which has so far not been allowed to open the fourth phase of the relief in the lockdown, may "be allowed to sell in the absence of permission by the government to run services to carry alcohol from the metro train counter."  Is likely to come.  But the school official believes that the state government and colleges are not final on the additional activities that will open in the near future.  The decision could be taken, on which Unlock on Monday, while issuing information on the four, even though the limit was issued, officials said it was in the states though.  The Unlock Four guidelines could be issued to the concerned state government regarding the approval issued by this weekend to operate the instant transport network.  Content across the country There will be drastic enforcement of lockdowns in the Corona virus epidemic zone.

Students from abroad can come to India if they want. NEET exam will not be held outside the country.   Demands Postponement of Examinations of Leaders of Multiple Parties - Supreme Court today granted medical eligibility to BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, National Eligibility and Trinamool Congress leader Mamata Banerjee, Shiv Sena's Naita Aditya Entrance Test-20.  A number of leaders, including Thackeray, have demanded that the Center be pushed back to hold NEET and JEE exams in Arab countries.  These leaders say that in the current circumstances of Kovid, holding the exam would be tantamount to tampering with the government's demand for students' health.  A public interest petition has rejected a hunger strike of 4,000 students in protest of the exam.  But the central government has been ordered to quarantine the rule that the Supreme Court of India said that public safety |  According to the All India Student Association, about 4,000 students across the country have gone on hunger strike at their respective places.  Like this mission, there will be some kind of explanation regarding foreign students.  10 not to take the exam on 13 September.  But the court granted the petitioners and Std.  12 of 12 are demanding to be pushed back.  Allow a number of others to come to India.  It has given freedom to the concerned students to resort to social media to appeal to the government, which has brought relief to the administrations of Indian states from outside the country.  In particular, they may ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give 14 days for those who return the exam.  Appealing to push.