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Findings from a survey of 5,000 parents at Udgam and Zebar School found that 44 per cent parents do not want to send their children to school for the entire academic year. 40 per cent parents have Diwali. 31% of parents participated online with 300 parents. The school fully agrees to take the risk of being sent. After 21 per cent, children are ready for school exams, while 31 per cent interestingly, 16 per cent are not ready. However, eight per cent of the parents said that they want the parents to be happy to send the pen sitting at home with the pen and paper, saying that they are dissatisfied with online education and favor the old method of taking the exam. Demonstrated one of the opening of government schools. While the rest should be taken, the children will take the exam at home only after one month of their leading Ahmedabad CBSE school at 26% online,  Udgam School for Children and Zebar School to the school. 44% of education is good but not yet, 8% of parents say The city's prestigious Udgam School School for Children was recently revealed by five parents that it could be made better, the schools re-surveyed more than a thousand parents out of 4,000 parents at Zebar School since April, 2021. A survey came up with shocking findings until 72 per cent of parents agreed to start regularly. The children will be sent to school if an interesting reason is found out. As it happened, online exam should not be taken. Is. In which 4% of the parents were academic. The current Covid-19 epidemic survey also found that parents found their children in the situation until the end of the School for Children year, 66 per cent of their daily routines had improved and Zeber did not want to be sent to the School for Children. When parents want to send 40 children to school, Manan Choksi, executive director of online education, said that if parents were satisfied with their education after Diwali, the child would say, "99 per cent of our students are ready to go to school." What is the opinion and the examination of the students and as long as the day of Kovid-19 is useless activities, commuter and internet facility while 15% of parents would pass the time till the vaccine is available to know how to take government schools. Is. The school also conducted the survey on children a month after parents also opened up to online education. A total of 7,500 are 51 per cent satisfied with asking their children about the exam and that is why they are willing to send as far as possible. Parents who took part in the survey said that 8 per cent of the school's parents were invited to take part in the survey if their children's safety was not ensured. From which they do not want to be sent to school until the online exam is taken.

More than 6 lakh students have shifted to their old centers in Corona Effect-JEE-Main and 95 thousand students have also shifted their centers for NEET.  8 lakh 58 thousand students from medical and country after I Std. 12 Science in JEE have registered for admission in degree engineering.  Out of which 1.5 lakh students like JEE-Main and Knit have been announced to take their admit cards in the month of September.  This has been downloaded.  Protests and controversy are currently brewing across the country over the exam by the agency, with heavy students seeking to change centers.  Hoy was excused.  So far, more than 61,000 students have switched to issuing admit cards at the centers for the JEE-Main examination despite the 6 lakh.  Have come to Gujarat.  JEE - Many students from across the country are from across the country after being allowed to change centers in Maine.  Earlier in Kota-Rajasthan, more than 6 lakh students who were studying there have changed their centers.  Now students from Gujarat have been forced to change their centers by giving JEE instead of changing their centers for 95 thousand even in the net against which to give exams from their own city.  Are likely to increase.  In the same way, due to Corona, the students have changed the dates of NEET and JEE 95,000 times in three centers so far.  Now there is national testing. In the coming days, cards will be issued by the admit agency for the net between 1st and 6th of the final.

Std-12 General Stream Supplementary Examination: Form to be filled up by 4th Sept.  Application forms for supplementary examination examination of students who failed in two subjects are planned soon.  Commencement of filling procedure The process of filling up the application forms for this supplementary examination has been started.  For this online application forms have to be filled in Navgujarat Time> Ahmedabad.  Students who have previously failed to fill up the application form for one subject in two subjects in Std-12 general stream will also not have to fill up the form after the decision to re-sit the examination.  Std-12 Proceedings for supplementary examination of general stream of filling application forms have been started by the board from Tuesday.  Filling of general application forms has been started from 6th August for the supplementary examination of the stream. The online form can be filled up till 5th September.  The online form can be filled up till.  Students have already filled up the form. They are not going to fill up the form again for the supplementary examination of Std. 12th stream.  But the online application form has to be filled.  Is mandatory.  Students who are not able to go to Gujarat Secondary and Higher School and fill up the form will be able to apply online in Std-12 by the Board of Secondary Education this year in one or two subjects in general stream.  The fee for the supplementary examination of the supplementary examination subject of one failed student in Std-12 general stream is Rs.  150 will be taken.  Thus, this time and two subject fees are Rs.  20 are absent in one or two scheduled subjects.  While students per experimental subject as well as Rs.  There will be 10 fees.

Thus, through both rounds of online reporting from 2nd to 5th September, approximately 20,000 students can be advertised for vacant seats on 7th September who have confirmed their admission in the college. Will not be able to participate in 19 rounds from the seat, not only, entry in the third round has vacated as many as a thousand seats. Students who are currently denied admission confirmation compulsory: The committee is allotted a college in the second round, they will be able to participate in the third round and enter the course including Commerce, approximately 10 thousand. In the second round, there are currently 19,000 seats for students who have not been allotted a college or an estimated 10,000 students who have not paid their fees and have not been admitted. Not the third and last. These students will now have to participate by giving. Students who have purchased the PIN in the third and final round based on Choice in the previous round will be allocated to the college. Importantly, not all students are currently denied admission when they re-purchase the PIN, there are some students who can register with the Admissions Committee to confirm only on the basis of the old PIN. Convener Prof. Jaswant Thare has appealed to those who have not bought the PIN or have registered earlier, as, in the present situation, the PIN has been purchased, but the registration and now with the new PIN, there will be no round offline again. Even if the provisional registration is done due to non-compliance, he is not included in the merit list due to denial of admission or waiting for any offline. It was his turn to get admission in the college as there was no urgency. This is how some students have been made by such an admission committee. Can. Also, for those who have not registered online after taking the PIN, the process of PIN distribution and registration has been started anew so that all such students can be included in the third round.