Thursday 27 August 2020



Secondary and U.M. Board Elections Voter List Controversy Over Controversy »Various Associations Objections For this reason, every teacher can vote for the candidate of his / her cadre by raising the need to register in the same cadre.  , Navgujarat Samay> Mehsana can help if you do not know the candidate by changing the cadre and have other cadres.  There are more than 15,000 teachers in such a state of Gujarat so that elections can be disrupted.  In this cadre 40-9 years Gujarat Secondary and U.M.  Have a job and now how to vote in another cadre to be a voter list for the Board of Education election.  Voting in the same cadre that gets the salary is due to discrepancies in the required guidelines.  It is a provision of the constitution that the voters should always vote for the candidate of their choice, including the teachers' unions.  And in his original cadre of teacher or U.M.  If not, Chimki is also pronounced according to the Indian Constitution.  Is a teacher.  So in their voter list we will seek justice in the court so that there is no false controversy in the process of registration of Mehsana district secondary teachers in their original cadre and the chairman of the board including the union is very much needed in this regard.  Because, his appointment has made a written representation of the possibility of the election being closed.  In which it is stated that it is very necessary for all our unions, that is, to vote for the Board of Secondary Education recently, to be in the same cadre as they are.  30-3 The demands of teachers and appointees and the guideline of the election voter list for the year in which the cadre has been employed.  There are many discrepancies between the guidelines that enable a teacher to register in another category and to register in the same category as in the original category.  The state government's election commission is unconstitutional.  Request to submit.  By taking the school administrative Std. 8 to the primary department, they are also instructed by the Voter Employees Union to register their names in the vacant list of more than 15,000 teachers in their own cadre. The names of such teachers are non-academic.  To whom the librarian, the clerk, the high requires it.  The shortcomings in the voter list of the employees have been mentioned in the presentation made by Sandhe in the posts like teacher and in-charge principal and they have been appointed to be included in the list of the original cadre.  But that, if this guideline is introduced in revised.

Registration for admission in B.Ed colleges of the Uni. From the first week of September, the number of Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad involved in the Uni. Is only 42.  This will come. Thus, by the end of September, the college has a meeting with Gujarat University to organize only about 4200 examinations at present.  Will return to normal.  B.Ed.  Faculty sources say the attached B.Ed.  The process for admission in colleges so far for B.Ed, TY and Master's degree results will start from the first week of next September, but the registration process is yet to be announced on October 15 due to the Corona epidemic.  This situation is likely to come on October 15th.  However, the admission process in B.Ed has started after the TY exams are being held now.  As there is no current situation, it is decided that the registration of academic session will be delayed for about four months of the year.  Even in this situation, the 48 college students who have actually completed the admission process are expected to start the course in October.  Thus, the procedure for Diwali and summer vacation is likely to be cut by approximately one session in B.Ed this year.  There are no days when academic work is pushed back.  TY and Master's Degrees in Diwali-Summer Science will be continued to offset the semester even during Arts, Commerce and Diwali vacations.  However, the situation has arisen that even in vacation, the academic work has to be kept till the result of the last year's examination is being taken in the current course.  The government is not affiliated with the universities of registration for students who want to start the state government admission process for admission in B.Ed. by the B.Ed. Admissions Committee until it is made public.  Submission by the University to start the process on 3rd and Granted B.Ed.  Colleges have submitted various examinations to teachers and the Chancellor from September 13.  Which has been attached to the University.  Announced to take.  According to this examination, the first of next September due to which now Gujarat University is completed by 20th September.  B.Ed. connected with online registration from the week.  Colleges will then start taking online exams.  All

80219 in NEET, 38507 students in JEE-Maine will attend »has been done by JEE for in different cities.  Details have also been revealed at 219 centers for which exams and 14 centers for NEET.  Statistical seating arrangement will be arranged according to how many students will be present in JEE-Main as against 44115 last year. This year Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad 38507 students are to be given JEE-Main.  This means that compared to last year, approximately six and a half thousand students will give JEE-Main in Degree Engineering and Medical after Std.  What is important in JEE-Main and NIT for admission is how many students from the state will be present in degree engineering in Gujarat. NTA has revealed the details of separate Gujkat for admission.  Since the number of students giving JEE-Main has been reported while the number of students in NIT is gradually declining every year.  Growing.  38507 JEE-Main students from the state will be present in JEE Main from 1st September against which 80219 students from 32 centers in the state will be taken offline examination on 13th from online mode.  Previously only 26 centers will offer JEE.  Maine was taken by the National Testing Agency (NTA) but every state in the Corona epidemic has been urged to adhere to social distance due to arrangements for local movement.  Since the centers have been increased.  Degree Engineering - For National Colleges, 80219 National Testing Agency (NTA) students are to be given NIT this year against 79872 students who took 6 NIT last year for admission in Medical and 13th NIT for admission in Medical from 1st.