Std-3 Ghare Shikhie Activity Video | Study From Home PRATHMIK GURU: Std-3 Ghare Shikhie Activity Video | Study From Home



Saturday 1 August 2020

Std-3 Ghare Shikhie Activity Video | Study From Home

Std-3 Ghare Shikhie Activity Video | Study From Home

Std-3 Activity Videos

July Month

1 to 3Tapka GanieClick Here
4 to 5Chitra ni SarkhamniClick Here
7 to 9Sankhya ni SarkhamniClick Here
10 to 13Gujarati
(Mehula nu Geet)
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June Month
1.Tapka JodoClick Here
2.Tapka Jodi Aakar BanavoClick Here
3.Rangoli BanavaviClick Here
4.Vandala Bhai ne Vanchta na AavdeClick Here
5.Prani Parichay SambhaloClick Here
6.Adadhu ChitraClick Here
Hello student friends. Teachers as well as parents are told that schools are currently closed due to the Corona epidemic. All of you are educating your children online. You will need to study at home. Your child will not have to study any day.  It is very important to plan monthly for all the months of September. This course will also be useful to you for free through online education of your children sitting at home. The only purpose of doing this online education is to study whatever your children study according to this lockdown.  All government primary school teachers in Gujarat are committed to fulfilling the government's resolve to sit down and are ready to educate your childrenFirst of all, let me tell you that for home study, the study is now conducted from Std. 1 to Std. 12. It is very important to study. The information that is suitable for the children is served.  The video is given to the children for knowledge in a way that they can understand in any and simple language
 This video is presented in different places of each teacher in different places through youtube as well as through the organization. Teachers are selected for this video in government primary schools of Gujarat. Since this video is not available, it is distributed to every child free of cost.

 This video is broadcast daily in DD Girnar. The time of this video is Standard Wise from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.  All these videos that are presented are all government primary school videos in which all government primary school videos are made by government primary school teachers. Friends, you all know that the importance of a teacher in life is also very important in terms of education.  Is important