Friday, 18 September 2020



The examination of the students who failed in two subjects was taken in August from 25th to 28th. The result of 1.31 lakh students of Std. 10 supplementary examination will be announced today. After the completion of this examination, at present, the result of Std. 10 examination has also been prepared by the Board of Education for the students. The fixed time i.e. March has been taken. The marksheet came on the 21st due to the Corona epidemic. Normally, like the result of this examination, the result of the supplementary examination will be reached. After the result is declared, one or the other will be announced online tomorrow. Students who have failed in Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad will be given two subjects. The results of each district level and Gujarat Secondary and Higher are coming only after the Board has taken a separate supplementary examination for tomorrow. But the certificates will be delivered this year. This supplementary examination was taken in two subjects in the standard 10 examination conducted by the Board of Secondary Education in August due to the lockdown in March due to the epidemic of corona. Regardless of the number of students who have failed at the district distribution centers, out of which approximately 1,31,201 students were registered for distribution in the month of August. Will come in the month of August from 9th. This was the result of the supplementary examination. After the result of this examination was declared as supplementary during three days, the examination was held on Friday the 17th to check the marks. Students who want Corona will be disclosed to the board. Due to the epidemic of this examination, as per the instruction given on the specific website in the examination room, the application has to be submitted within seven days of the marksheet being allotted to the taluka center students only. Delivery from the distribution center has been announced by the board in approximately 6 centers in the state and currently due to the Koro epidemic. No application of students will be accepted in 214 examination halls. Thus, marksheet seating arrangement was arranged in the hands of students. Such clarification has also been made by the board.

If you want to participate in the second round, you have to give consent till the 23rd. For the 1000 seats in the science colleges, the second round from Tammy to Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad Rishfling Round has not been completed. But those who have come to the supplementary examination. In which 2100 seats have been filled and passed, they have been able to do Gujarat University affiliated science from 9th to 24th. Thus, after completing the first round and reshuffling vacancies in the colleges by purchasing online PIN during most of the meetings, the Science Admission Committee will have to register for the new round by completing the online round from 9th to 20th. On the basis of which a thousand seats have been allotted. Students in the new round On October 6, the second round of the provisional process will begin on October 31. In addition, the supplementary merit list will be announced. will be done . In this round, it has been decided to allot admission to the students who have passed the supplementary examination in merit if there is any error in the merit examination or also to the students who have passed the examination in error. Since the admission confirmer is on the committee's website for this error In the new round, the e-mail address will have to be amended and the registration process will have to be sent again. On the basis of which it will be started. Students who have been admitted before the final on October 10 will be able to participate in this new round. They will also be given the opportunity to change their choice and get admission in science colleges. Which students will be exempted from. Has been decided to give. The college which has been allotted to the university by which the students have already registered, they have taken 8 if we count the department from 15th to 17th or the college which is affiliated to the admission confirm to pay the online admission fee. Students who have obtained in these colleges will have to do it. All these proceedings are available in 15 seats. From 31st to 26th, only students will have to give two rounds of consent for the online meeting so far. This means that students will not have to go to college i.e. one main round and one students will not have to re-register.

The state government will submit the report of the committee to the High Court on the issue of reduction of fees in colleges. The High Court has directed the state government to take a firm decision on the issue of fees. Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad said, "We have drawn the attention of the Hon'ble High Court to the non-disclosure petition filed by the Madras High Court seeking reduction of fees of colleges. In the wake of the Corona epidemic, the colleges were told on behalf of the state government that a 50 per cent reduction in fees had been ordered. Two committees have been formed to decide the same. The formation of the committee has also been given relief to the chairman Justice (retd) Akshay Mehta, who has to pay 50 per cent of the 50 per cent fee now and 20 per cent later, not the High Court. If students from other states have been and the committee is studying the whole matter such relief can be found in the epidemic crisis. This committee will submit a report within two to three weeks. Students of colleges in Gujarat should also get such relief. And it will be presented before the High Court. The Chief Colleges of the High Court charge a fee for the gym, WiFi and library. Justice Vikram Nath and Justice J.B. There are also charges for a number of facilities, including the Pardiwala bench, which tackled the state government, suggesting that "due to the current circumstances, students are not taking advantage of the rapid reduction in fees of colleges in the states by up to 30 per cent." So the salary and any concrete decision is made. As the further hearing of this case is coming on the 17th, the students of Gujarat colleges have also been given the cost of maintenance of this college and the date of October has also been fixed. The kind of relief should be ordered. Colleges may be dismissed by a High Court bench. So after the Fee Regulatory Authority, UGC and private schools in the state now demand reduction in fees in colleges. The whole matter should be directed to the state government including the University Grants Commission earlier that they have applied for non-disclosure in the High Court along with reduction in fees of colleges. In which such defendants were ordered to present their party. Any circular or declaration on the issue and colleges-universities have been asked to implement an advocate from the Bridge Forum for All in the wake of the Corona epidemic.

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