Thursday, 22 October 2020



The Board of Education has started selection of candidates for the Board of Governors (Higher Secondary »will be from all the district constituents. The Board of Governors has sought the names of their candidates and started efforts to ensure that the 22 cadre elections are harmonious. But it is not possible to hold hearings in November.  

 will be in the election battle.Akhil Gujarat State School Board of Governors | Dr. Priyavadan Korat from Gujarat Secondary and Higher Education has expressed his candidature for the Board of Secondary Education while the official date of the second board has not been announced  The process has started in January.The election is likely to be held.The Board of Governors for Gujarat State School Administrator could not get their district on such a platform by the federation and the two major governing bodies for the selection of candidates have asked their respective candidates to start work.  The Gujarat State School has selected the candidates from the district.  Will be for the selection of the candidate to be sent to the Corporation.  The process has started from all the districts.  After the arrival of candidates from all the district headquarters for the list of such candidates, the board has asked them to send the names on November 8.  Candidates for the Parliamentary Board of the Congregation will be heard at the meeting of the Parliamentary Board every day.  The next meeting will be held on November 9 and the Board of Directors will decide the final candidate after hearing the candidates.  Thus, the Gujarat candidate will be decided.  The state board of directors of the Board of Education of the Board of Education has started announcing the candidate by the end of November.  One side will be through the board.  It may be noted that the preliminary list of current voters has been prepared by the board and the term of the members is due on September 30.  Organizations, on the other hand, have not extended their terms.  So that the selection of candidates has begun.  Now the preparations for the elections have begun.  This time, however, the election has not been interesting as there is only one public meeting in all the cadres. 

After Std-10, C.A.  Provisional admission will be available in the foundation Navgujarat time> Ahmedabad Chartered Accountant of India has decided to allot provisional admission in the foundation even after passing Std-10.  Normally till now students could get admission in the foundation after passing Std-12, but now students who have passed Std-10 will also be able to get provisional admission directly in the foundation.

Members of the admissions committee say there is still no indication from the Center as to when to start the next program after the NIT results. Admission to the Centre's All India quota for the medical admission process is awaited.  In this situation, after the completion of the first round for India quota seats with the approval of the first All College, the first seats in the state will be increased to 5660.  At present 560 seats are available in Navgujarat Samay> Ahmedabad Medical.  Sumandim Medical College's 150 seats after Std. 12 in Medical-Dental and recently the result of the net for new admission in Bharuch has approved such a medical college in a brown fill.  With the announcement of when the student-guardians will start, the total admission process for the seats is now coming up.  In the meantime, the number is likely to be 20.  The other side is waiting.  Admission to this position The process of registration at the local level Vadnagar, Nadiad, Palanpur Committee members say the center is still being started.  Members of the admissions committee, which will be formed on the basis of NIT by the government of new medical colleges, say all renewal approvals have not yet come.  All India Quota Admission Procedure Proceedings for India Quota Meetings The first to make any clarification regarding medical in this situation.  Admission to the state will be announced only after the necessary announcement that the college seats will be sanctioned for our seats only after this starts.  Is important.  At present, the official statement of when most of the students will start the process is that many students in the state will announce themselves based on last year's merit.  Whether he will get admission in the college for the All India quota seats or not, Nit is likely to contest for admission in his medical-dental.  If these students do not get admission in the state, after the announcement of the result, first of all, they have started preparations for admission in All India quota and all over the country and abroad.

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