Does your Android smartphone also charge slowly? PRATHMIK GURU: Does your Android smartphone also charge slowly?



Tuesday 3 November 2020

Does your Android smartphone also charge slowly?

Does your Android smartphone also charge slowly?

Before the advent of Android smartphones, mobile phones were limited to making calls and texting, but now people are increasingly using smartphones. Nowadays, smartphones with new technology have come in the market. Which is fast charging less, but often people are also annoyed by the slow charge of their smartphones. There are also many reasons behind the slow charge of a smartphone, which is not noticed soon. If your smartphone also charges slowly, here we will tell you some tips, with the help of which you can also charge your smartphone fast.

Make use of the original charger

Always use the original charger when charging the smartphone. Never use counterfeit and cheap chargers available in the market. Doing so increases the chances of the smartphone exploding. At the same time, there is a danger of the smartphone being bad.

Remove the back cover and charge

We all put a back cover on the phone to keep our smartphones safe, but you almost don’t know that charging the phone with a back cover doesn’t even get the heat out. Using the cover traps the heat. This is because the efficiency of the battery decreases as the phone gets hot. If you remove the cover the heat will go out and the phone will charge quickly.

Use a fake data cable

It is often seen that data cables deteriorate quickly and use cheap and fake data cables. When the charger is used only the original. Friends, using a fake data cable will not only slow down the charge of the phone, but it can also damage your phone.

Make use of these mods

Always keep the smartphone in Power saving mode / Battery saver and charge it. Doing so will turn off the phone’s extr background apps and the smartphone will charge faster.

Switch off the phone and charge

You can also charge the phone by switching it off. Doing so will charge the smartphone faster. This is because the network signals will be shut down and many applications will also be shut down. So the phone battery will charge soon.

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