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Saturday 21 November 2020

Online Daily Virtual Class Video std 10

Online Daily Virtual Class Video std 10

2 Library of learning materials
In a physical classroom, you'll shop around and find textbooks, games, exercises, templates, worksheets, multimedia resources (print, video, audio).

A professional teacher needs these in their virtual classroom too. The teacher must be ready to upload their digital learning materials to the cloud and save them for future classes.

This helps teachers steel oneself against a category in less time and supply a more structured, effective class. most significantly , a web classroom will enable a student and teacher to urge on an equivalent page.

For example, the teacher can navigate to the precise page during a particular document or maybe open a video-resource. The virtual classroom software will make sure the student is on an equivalent page therein pdf or can sync the video playback.

When I taught a fourth-grade class the way to build an internet site using Google Sites, i started counting the directions I gave my students. there have been many—I had an outsized amount of data in a particularly compact lesson. albeit I used colors, visuals, and examples to form the lesson more interesting, I noticed that some students pack up , overwhelmed by the quantity of data . that have led me to understand the importance of memory .

Working memory enables students to mix multiple pieces of data in some novel form. memory asks students to tug information they learned during a prior lesson and blend it up as they apply it, which is particularly crucial when using new technology because there’s no frame of reference that the scholar can use to retrieve prior knowledge. In my website lesson, students had the prior knowledge of educational content on the event of a site, but that they had no prior knowledge of actual design or use of the web site tool i used to be teaching

ધોરણ ૧૦  VIRTUAL ક્લાસ વિડીયો જોવા ઉપયોગી લીંક:: 

When created well, instructional videos are often a highly effective medium for supporting instruction in remote, hybrid, and flipped or blended learning environments.

Effective instructional videos are concise—no quite six minutes if possible, as that's the proven drop-off point for attention—have a transparent purpose and focus, and, above all, are interesting and interesting . Fancy equipment or software isn’t necessary to make great instructional videos, although there are free or low-cost apps and programs for enhancing and improving videos to form them more engaging for learners.

7 Ways to try to to Formative Assessments in Your Virtual Classroom
Finding out what your students are really learning remains indispensable to teaching. Here’s what teachers do to see for understanding online.