WhatsApp New Disappearing Feature Will Automatically Delete Message After 7 Days PRATHMIK GURU: WhatsApp New Disappearing Feature Will Automatically Delete Message After 7 Days



Tuesday 3 November 2020

WhatsApp New Disappearing Feature Will Automatically Delete Message After 7 Days

WhatsApp New Disappearing Feature Will Automatically Delete Message After 7 Days

In a busy schedule, it often happens that we do not have time to delete useless messages from WhatsApp. As the messages are months old, it not only takes up space in the phone but also creates storage problems. No need to worry now if you also forgot to delete the message from your WhatsApp. WhatsApp is bringing a new feature for its users.

WhatsApp has been working on its disappearing feature for a long time. Users will be able to manually delete messages from the chat after seven days after the deappearing feature is introduced. WhatsApp is going to roll out this feature soon. WhatsApp has given information about this on its FAQ page. According to the company, both Android and iOS users will get the feature of deafening messages. It will also be available on Chaos, WhatsApp Web and desktop based apps.

Feature for both individual and group chat

WhatsApp's messaging feature will be for both individual chats and group chats. However, only admins can use this feature in group chats and this feature will not work on forwarded messages. At the same time, users will be able to copy and save the message through the message disappearing feature.

How Will This Feature Work?

However, enabling this feature will not affect previously sent or received messages. The user can easily turn this feature on and off, which means that if the user does not want to delete his chat, he will have to disable this feature, but if he wants the message to be automatically deleted after 7 days, users should enable this feature to chat. Or send audio and video.

What if you haven't read the message in seven days?

Even if a user does not open the sent message within seven days, the sent message i.e. unread message will be deleted. Although the message will be displayed outside, but when he tries to read the message by opening the chat, he will not be able to read the message. The user will only be able to view this message as a preview in the notification.

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Feature Enabling-Disabling Process

  • First type the name of the contact for whom you want to use this feature in the WhatsApp chat.
  • Now select the Disappearing Message option, tap Continue when the prompt comes up.
  • You will now be able to select the On / Off option.
  • Seek help on the WhatsApp site
  • In addition to the information provided on the FAQ page, if you need information related to this feature, WhatsApp has also created some help pages on its site. From here users can learn how to enable a new feature by following step-by-step.

WhatsApp has confirmed its new exciting disappearing messages feature which, once enabled, will make new messages sent in individual or group chats disappear after seven days.

As per the knowledge provided on the support page, enabling the settings won't affect the messages previously sent or received in chat.

While the users can themselves turn disappearing messages on and off for individual chats, during a group chat, only the admins will get to use the feature.

With this, if a user doesn't open Whatsapp within the seven-day period, the message will disappear, but its preview might still be displayed in notifications until the App is opened.

The feature, as per the App, won't work if the disappearing message is forwarded, and just in case the user creates a backup, however, when the user restores from a backup.

WhatsApp disappearing messages are getting to roll bent users soon, judging by a newly published FAQ page. The new feature, which was initially spotted in October last year, will let users make their messages disappear from chats after seven days. WhatsApp will bring disappearing messages to both individual chats and group conversations. However, the feature won't work for forwarded messages. WhatsApp also will not prevent users from copying and saving the content from the disappearing messages.

The details available on the FAQ page, which were first spotted by WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo, shows that WhatsApp's disappearing messages feature are going to be restricted to a seven-day period. Users won't have the choice to customize the interval for disappearing messages from their end, unlike on competing services like Telegram. it's also unlike the initial version of the feature that surfaced last year on a public beta release of WhatsApp for Android. That version had specific time intervals for creating a specific message disappear.