The shadow will diseppear for a few seconds at 12.39pm on Sunday PRATHMIK GURU: The shadow will diseppear for a few seconds at 12.39pm on Sunday



Saturday 29 May 2021

The shadow will diseppear for a few seconds at 12.39pm on Sunday

The shadow will diseppear for a few seconds at 12.39pm on Sunday

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Astronomical event that occurs twice a year for a while, the shadow will disappear for a few seconds at 12.5 pm on Sunday. Bhavnagar 1 Kalyan Regional Folklore Center will be broadcast live on the channel to understand the facts. The two ion points in between are the Council on Science and the End. It is equinox. Hence the astronomical phenomenon of setting up science centers for a few seconds twice in a similar space by Varsha Technology, Gandhinagar, the shadow disappears 3 times a year. has come . The underlying Bhavnagar is Zero Shadow Day. So this event in Bhavnagar on 20th May, Mathematics, Science in the district, or twice a year in space. Can be enjoyed at 12:45 p.m. Propaganda - by spreading propaganda leaves the victim. This is known as Zero Shadow Day, a welfare foundation intended to create even at home in the current situation. Bhavnagar has been in operation for over 200 years, believing that the people of the Sun can be the witnesses of this celestial phenomenon, the Bhavnagar Inspired Welfare, the Earth's rotation around it and the 4.5 degree axis during the Regional Folk Science Center behind it. Circulating together, that's why the kurtis that form around us with special information for the purpose make us feel the season. Regional Folk Science Center. Events Many times for us this also means that the sun, through its Bhavnagar on May 30, 2011 is very wonderful. We enjoy the YouTube channel on the highest point of the South Equator on Sunday. In the direction of (Uttarayan), and with a live time on a krescbhavnagar, there will be some (Dakshinayan) again in such a year.

રવિવારે બપોરે 12.39 કલાકે અમુક સેકન્ડ માટે પડછાયો ગાયબ થઈ જશે



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The shadow will disappear for a few seconds at 12.39pm on Sunday