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 Sir, according to the above subject and context, to state that during the time of coVID-19, in the new academic session of the year 2021-2, the process of homecoming is being implemented in the schools of the state through various means like last year.  It is requested to take further action from your level in view of the following matters regarding the periodic assessment test to be conducted as per the routine in July 2021 for the purpose of assessment with the Head Homling.  The following subject tests will be conducted in Std. 6 to 8 in the month of July. 

 Standard 3 Subject Marks Gujarati (First Language), Mathematics Gujarati (First Language), Mathematics ૨૫ Gujarati (First Language), Mathematics, English |  Gujarati (First Language), Mathematics, English 50 Gujarati (First Language), Mathematics, English Gujarati (First Language), Mathematics, English is 50 ૨૬ For other medium, first language test will be taken instead of Gujarati.  Gujarati (second language) will be tested instead of English in English medium.

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The above first periodical test of the session will be prepared keeping in view the learning outcomes of the previous standard in that standard for the purpose of knowing the current academic status of the students.  E.g.  Gujarati test in Std. 8 will be prepared keeping in view the learning outcomes up to Std.  .  The above periodic evaluation tests  To be held 

 Tests should be delivered to the students in hardcopy or softcopy by 12/04/2021.  Tests of all mediums will also be made available on GCERT website ( on 30/08/2021.  Apart from this Gujarati medium tests which can also be obtained from the QR Code on the Index of the textbook of that subject.  The above tests are expected to be written by the student from home under the supervision of the parent at the convenience of the parent and the student.  The purpose of the test is to know the academic status of the student and it is desirable that the students give the test in a fear-free and stress-free environment.  Test Answer Books Dt.  It is desirable to deliver to the school through the guardian by 30/09/2071.  In Std. 6 to 8, the answers of the test should be written in the notebook of last year's unit test.  If this notebook is not available by chance, it will have to be written in another notebook.  The answers have to be written within the Gujarati and Mathematics tests of Std.  .  .  

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