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A CSP is a vision to provide one stop solution for citizens of Gujarat State.

A CSP is a vision to provide one stop solution for citizens of Gujarat State.

A Common Services Portal (CSP – Digital Gujarat Portal) is a vision to provide one-stop solution for all G2C Services for citizens of Gujarat State. As a part of this vision, this Department intended to integrate Home Department, Women & Child Development ,Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs, Revenue Department, Education Department and Social Justice and Empowerment Department G2C Services in this application.

On the note of 18/07/2011, it is planned to provide refresher training to one nodal teacher per Kankunj classroom of the schools included under the approval Gyankunj project (Phase-3 year 2016-70) with the approval of SPD. As per the training plan, it has been decided to impart training in phases according to the maximum number of 50 teachers in a batch. This includes training of district wise batches. The training will provide insights on the use of available content, software and tools available under Gyankunj Smart Class and management of the entire Smart Class, basic troubleshooting as well as smooth classroom work through the use of e-content and classroom interactivity under Smart Class.

4. At school level, with the help of interactive byte board laptop (with LMS and other software) and projector available in Gyankunj classroom, clear instruction should be given to all teachers doing Gyankunj nodal teacher teaching in Std. 5, The time of training in each batch should be decided from the district level according to local convenience. 6 The maximum number of trainee teachers in each batch shall be 30, 7, The presence of trainee teachers in each batch in this refresher training shall be ensured and a report with detailed photograph along with the number of teachers present in the training should be sent. It is hereby stated that action will be taken in the above details.

Computer Aided Instruction When a teacher uses a computer asan educational tool during the teaching process, it is known as computer aidedinstruction. In this type of study, theteacher is constantly present and teaches and conducts the study with the students.

All the students either study by looking atthe information presented on one of the commuters or all the students go tostudy according to the instructions of the teacher using different commuters. This involves interaction between thelearner, the student and the commuter.

As a result, students' content problems are solved immediately and time is saved as all students can be educated at the same time. In addition, the teacher can do writing or practical work with the students where necessary. In short, commuter equipped instructionbecomes possible when the commuter is used as an educational tool or mediumsuch as chart drawing, movie worship.

It is imperativeto learn its predecessor before learning any new subject, as a result in MasterLearning the student progresses gradually learning the subject matter. In this way the content is divided intosmall, sequential and independent topics for the students to study with and ispresented to the students. Each suchindependent topic has one or more study objectives attached to it.

Digital Gujarat Portal પર ભારત સરકાર શ્રી ની પ્રિમેટ્રિક યોજના અમલ બાબત

In this type of study, students go beyondstudying individually according to their speed and ability. For this, students are provided withsystematic and sequentially arranged study materials. Provision is made for continuous evaluationof students and for them to get feedback on their progress.

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