Friday, 12 November 2021


Computers Awareness MCQ Quiz for aspirants and students preparing for exams.

Computer Knowledge or the Computer Awareness section is an integral part of many major competitive exams syllabus and Computers MCQ Quiz is the best way to learn and practice for competitive exams that are focused on questions based on Computer Knowledge or Computer Awareness. This is the only MCQ app that provides you with the most up-to-date questions on various computer topics be it fundamentals or advance. The questions are based on each and every topic in the field of computer science and are duly categorized to make learning easy for you.
This app that is very useful for students and aspirants who are preparing for various competitive exams that includes questions based on computer awareness, like for 
Here are some very useful and distinctive features of this MCQ Quiz app:

1) Category wise MCQs: Practice questions on the following topics right from your phone:

• Microsoft Windows
• Microsoft Office
• MS Word
• MS PowerPoint
• MS Excel
• MS Access
• MS Outlook
• Computer Shortcut Keys
• Computer Abbreviations
• High Level Computer Languages
• Basics of Cloud Computing
• Computer Networks
• Types of Computer
• Hardware and Software
• Internet
• Input and Output Devices
• Computer Virus
• Websites
• Web Browsers
• Storage Devices
• Components of Computer
• Important Computer-related Terms
• Database Management System (DBMS)
• Introduction to Operating System
• OSI Model – Open Systems Interconnection

2) 1500+ MCQ Questions: We have huge question bank of MCQs based on computers that is increasing day by day.

3) Previous Year Questions: Attempt MCQs on questions from previous competitive exams and get an idea of the level of difficulty for each exam.

4) New questions everyday: We add more and more questions everyday so that you can learn and practice more and more.

5) Up-to-date questions: We filter out outdated questions and also update them so that you get the knowledge of most recent topics in the field of computers.

6) Timer based quiz: Get an online exam like environment which will help you get over the anxiety of a running timer and will make you more responsive in online exams.

7) Self Challenge: Assess yourself by testing your knowledge with custom tests based on the category of your choice.

8) Quick Quiz: Attempt a random quick quiz which covers questions from every topic in the field of computer awareness.

9) Online based quiz: This quiz app is online based which means there is no need to update the app for new questions which means that they will be automatically added for you without any app updates.

10) Bookmark Quiz: Simply save the questions that you want to practice and attempt a quiz from the questions you bookmarked earlier.

11) Simple & Eye Friendly UI: We have designed the UI to be easy on your eyes and to keep the quiz layout user friendly.

12) Battle Quiz: Challenge online users for a quick round of questions to check who has better knowledge, you or your opponent.

13) Leaderboard: Get daily, monthly and all-time leaderboard of aspirants and see yourself climb up the list as you attempt more and more MCQ questions every day.

14) Statistics: See how many MCQ questions you have attempted till date, how many are answered correctly and incorrectly and a lot more with the Statistics section.

15) Daily Quiz: We add important questions to our daily quiz section which will help you remain up-to-date with the latest knowledge and trends in Computer world.

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