Do you know why +91 is prefixed to our phone number? Know the reason behind what is PRATHMIK GURU: Do you know why +91 is prefixed to our phone number? Know the reason behind what is



Sunday 15 January 2023

Do you know why +91 is prefixed to our phone number? Know the reason behind what is

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GPS Map Camera for photos to Geotag Photos, Add GPS Location & date time stamps

Whether it’s your travel memories or your visit to a particular place, with GPS map camera photo stamp application, add DateTime, map, latitude and longitude, altitude, accurate weather, magnetic field, wind and digital compass to your gallery photos.

Track current location and weather forecast along with your captured photos by GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location Application. Send your geolocation of street/place through photos to your family & friends, and let them know about your best earth travel memories.

How to add GPS map location on photos?

- Install GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location Application in your smartphone
- Select advance or classic templates, arrange formats of stamps, change settings according to your requirement of geographical map photo stamp
- Add GPS location stamps automatically to your clicked beautiful images

Interesting Features:

- Use digital camera with grid, ratio, front & selfie camera, flash, focus, mirror, timer, capture sound support--
- Set map data automatic or manual
- The classic template contains automatically fetched geological map stamp details

In Advance Template:

1. Change Map type: Change map type from normal, satellite, terrain, hybrid options
2. Address: Add your selected manual/automatic current location on image
3. Lat-Long: Set GPS coordinates on geolocation photo stamp
4. Date & Time: Add date & timestamp in various formats with other geographical map data
5. Logo: Upload your brand logo design
6. Note: Write relatable notes
7. Hashtags: You can also add hashtags related to your beautiful images
8. Weather: Measure temperature units and get live and accurate weather data on photos
9. Compass: Add auto digital compass directions
10. Magnetic Field: Auto magnetic field details
11. Wind: Measure Wind speed
12. Humidity: Auto humidity measurement
13. Pressure: Measure the pressure of the place
14. Altitude: It will automatically calculate the altitude of elevation
15. Accuracy: Get auto accuracy on image

Why have GPS Map Camera Application in your mobile

- To get satellite map stamp on photos while clicking
- For putting GPS location stamp on photos
- Add geomap stamp & date stamp to make focused clicks
- Find latitude and longitude map stamp on your beautiful images using the geotagging camera
- To add date timestamp which performs as both timestamper & date stamper
- Works as a digital camera that easily stamps GPS map data on photo
- Put longitude, latitude, address, date-time, geolocation, accurate weather to photo stamps
- Utilize as a GPS tracker
- To get elevation, local weather, lat long coordinates and guide to directions as photo stamp with GPS map camera
- To get a To Get offline map & navigation on photo
- Geomapping has custom stamps for adding location map data manually

Most Efficient Application For Following Groups of People:

- Travelers & Explorers can utilize a geotagging camera
- People associated with businesses related to real estate, infrastructure, and architecture can easily apply GPS location stamps to their site photos
- Individuals having destination celebrations of events like weddings, birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, etc can share venue with geomap details
- Anyone who wants to add GPS coordinates details on photo can have this geolocation coordinates app
- Persons having outstation meetings, conferences, conclaves, meetups, events arranged by companies or institutions can use this app as GPS tracker to track their GPS position
- Travel, Food, Fashion & Art Bloggers can advance their experiences by adding geographical map through GPS Map Camera
- Place-oriented businesses, where you require to send images with current location and weather forecast to clients

To experiment with such interesting features, you must download GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location Application on your mobile.

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