Your smartphone will be charged by Surya Prakash, a new device in the market. PRATHMIK GURU: Your smartphone will be charged by Surya Prakash, a new device in the market.



Tuesday 17 January 2023

Your smartphone will be charged by Surya Prakash, a new device in the market.

We know that there are many technology related products in the market. We are now familiar with many technologies, even the smart phones we use were not there before, but as the technology progressed, we got everything.

We have to charge the mobile that we use with a charger, but now you don’t need a charger to charge the mobile, because the device that can be charged by sunlight has come in the market, so our mobile can also be charged by sunlight.

A company called Dexpol has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a solar power bank. This is a solar battery, which will fully charge your device with sunlight. The Dexpole Solar Power Bank houses a 24,000mAh battery and has three inputs available. This is a foldable device with 24 percent conversion. With the help of its solar plate, the device will be fully charged in 5 hours. The Dexpol Solar Power Bank sports a sporty design.

A 41 percent discount is being offered on the Dexpol Solar Power Bank under the Kickstarter campaign. Its price is around Rs 11,871. Dexpol says the power bank is compatible with all USB devices and can be used both indoors and outdoors. One year warranty is also provided on the device. 

The demand of this device is very high in the market and you can easily charge the mobile with this. You can also order this device online. Customers love this device very much.

Live Location  will help to find mobile current location. Now finding the current location is very easy.

This app has below options

1) Live Location: Here user can check only his live location or current location . It becomes easy now to find his current location by using this app. Also it will display his live mobile address .

"Get Address" : To check his address user need to purchase it by clicking GetAddress button. 

2) Live Weather: It helps to find current weather details.

3) It also helps to find address of any GPS Coordinates such as latitude and longitude by using Find Address module. It can also be used as GPS Address Locator.

4) By using Mobile Number Locator option user can able to search mobile operator details such as state.

5) It also contains GPS Time and Compass.

This Application required your Mobile GPS to fetch your current location known as gps location. This will only be used to show your location on the Mobile.