AC at home for just 400 rupees! Know about the best offer PRATHMIK GURU: AC at home for just 400 rupees! Know about the best offer



Wednesday 19 April 2023

AC at home for just 400 rupees! Know about the best offer

The cold has now gone and the blazing heat has begun. This year, the full summer has started to be felt at the beginning of March itself. In this way, people take the help of AC and cooler to avoid cold.

There are many portable ACs in the market now. Which is battery operated. The demand of this portable AC is high. If you too are thinking of buying a battery powered portable AC, then this news is for you.

This affordable mini AC cools the room in minutes. If you also want to get rid of heat cheaply then we are going to tell you about one such device.

Portable Mini AC

Summer tension is at its peak as soon as you step out of the house. In such situations, this portable mini AC can prove to be the best.

This device can be purchased both online and offline. The price starts from less than 400 and goes up to 2 thousand rupees.

All work will be done at low cost

There are many options available for this on Flipkart, you can go and select the desired Mini AC. All your work will be done in one liter of water. Apart from this you can also use dry ice.

The special thing is, it is not powered by electricity. You can charge it and run it. This AC can be run for 3 to 5 hours on a single charge. It has three modes (Low, Media and High) available.

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In this report we are talking about Mini AC. This AC is portable, meaning it can be taken anywhere. This AC comes with a 500ml water tank. With the help of this mini AC one can enjoy the coolness anywhere. This portable AC converts hot air into cool air. Not only this, you can also use this device in the kitchen.